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Good Gut Pack

Exactly what my body needed!

I have been struggling with my gut health for years now — always bloated, unstable spikes in blood sugar & many more. Within days of consuming MOOM, I have already noticed a massive improvement in my overall body health! My PCOS has also improved tremendously.



Big boost to digestion

I suffer from chronic indigestion and hyperacidity and I can vouch that de/bloat really works with aiding digestion and significantly reducing gassiness. I burp wayyyyy less and find relief from the discomfort within 10-15min of taking it. Helps a ton knowing that the ingredients are all natural.

Sheila K.


my lifesaver

my go to and always with me for after a heavy meal and especially during my period!

Cheng Ngee

Good Gut Pack

Excellent results

I recently switched over to this pack from the personalized one for the savings, and as always the results are visible. My period cramps are very much toned down, and my overall gut health has improved.

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