Sustainability at Moom

At Moom, we believe we have a responsibility to limit our impact on the environment to the best of our abilities.

Your daily vitamin sachets are biodegradable in everyday waste, and are made using the Reverte® additive.

We use 100% FSC recycled materials wherever possible. This not only includes your monthly Moom dispensers, but the shipping and educational materials we send with your order, as well! 

Just like our wellness rituals, our efforts may not be perfect but they are a step in the right direction.

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To coincide with Earth Month, we’re launching a recycling program that allows you to recycle your Moom boxes and bottles for the first time! It's super simple.

How You Can Help

Collect your empties

We accept a minimum of 3 empty packs /bottles for every package (cardboard mailer boxes do not count)

Get a label from us

Email for a free, pre-paid shipping label

Pack your empties

Reuse your cardboard mailer boxes (the ones you receive your Moom in!) to send us your empties

We'll do the rest!

We recycle them with our recycling partners in Singapore and Malaysia

Terms and Conditions

  • We will only accept a minimum number of 3 empties at a time, this can be a mix of bottles and supplement pack boxes.
  • There is no limit to how many boxes of empties you can send back. You can send in as many as you want!
  • Please ensure the bottles and boxes are clean and empty - no stray pills or silica gel packets.
  • At this time, we do not provide additional shipping materials for this recycling programme. We recommend upcycling any past shipping materials you may have received, or simply use our shipping mailer boxes if you have them!
  • All shipping labels are free of charge. Please request a new label for each package you intend to send to us.
  • Available to Moom customers residing in Singapore or Malaysia only.