Or, what do these terms actually mean?

We want you to understand. Some product buzzwords are helpful, while others can be misleading. Here’s a breakdown of what these confusing terms really mean.

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What does it mean?

There is no established or common definition for the word ‘clean’ in the supplement industry. So, it’s more or less up to each brand to create their own rules about what is ‘clean’ (which is what makes things so confusing!). In a perfect world, and at the very least, the term ‘clean’ should mean that a product is made without ingredients that have been shown to harm human health, are non-toxic, and are plant-based!

Why does it matter?

Since there is not set in stone definition of the word, it is unfortunately up to you to check what you are taking! As a consumer we recommend: 1. Reading all active ingredients (can you pronounce everything?) 2. Checking the excipients or other ingredients list (it should not be longer than the actives)3. Are the ingredients plant-based or certified vegan?

Good to know

At Moom, our ‘no list’ is how we define clean- free from the BS, with only the good stuff!

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