Double de/bloat Bundle

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1 quantity = 2 bottles of 45 capsules each


de/bloat vs. other digestive relief products

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Brand X
Expert Formulated






GMO, Colourant, Gluten, Synthetic Free



100% Natural Ingredients



Our 3rd party clinical study results speak for themselves...


experienced bloating relief in under 30 minutes


had decreased frequency of gassiness in under 60 minutes

Customer Reviews

Based on 219 reviews
l (Singapore, SG)
Fast relief after a heavy meal!

Have been using it after very heavy meals where my stomach feels like it is about to explode and it has helped reduce that bloated feeling in an hour!

S.L. (Kuala Lumpur, MY)
Works like a charm!

This supplement work like wonders! It is also our first time trying a supplement that reduce bloating since that is our main concerns for our body even though it is normal for human beings to bloat after eating a meal. We are sick and tired when people commented on how our "stomach" is inflated like being "pregnant" after eating when is literally organs consuming foods for energy digestion.

This supplement really did give a satisfy result with one tab after each meal and it does help your digestive system a lot too!

Fun fact we also workout a lot when we got the time and this supplement really is suitable for people who goes to the gym for a healthier lifestyle <33

Really fast delivery and the packaging never disappointments, it even arrive in the perfect time when we ran out of Moom supplements to consume for the rest of the day 🥹
Really recommend as always! Is so worth your money for having such results ✨

Jchin (Petaling Jaya, MY)
De/Bloat and Sleep/Well

One year to go till I reach 50. And suddenly it's like an out of body experience. I certainly don't feel 49 but suddenly, I am getting these PMS symptoms that I have never experienced before. Headaches, sleepless nights and the body feels stretched, like a balloon filled up with water. And this messes with your head sometimes, you know. But since taking De/Bloat and Sleep/Well, the symptoms have reduced.

In my first month of taking De/Bloat, leading up to my period, I no longer feel like crap. Headaches are reduced. And in the second month, I am good as new, so to speak.

And as for Sleep/Well, well, what can I say. I am nearly afraid to be dependent on it but hey, it's all natural right? And I only take it when I think I may need some help.

So thanks MOOM.
Also to everyone out there, while we have these amazing supplements from MOOM, always stay active and get out there and walk, or dance, or run, or do some gardening, or yoga. Just sweat it out and keep active. It helps :-)

Love and peace to all.

E.C. (Petaling Jaya, MY)
Fast relief from bloating!

The main reason I purchased this is because I want natural remedies instead of always relying on drugs. So far, it has not disappointed me - fast relief and no side effects. I hope this can reduce the recurrence in the future.

Zaiti A.Z.A. (Petaling Jaya, MY)
No more preggy belly after meal!

Ive been very used to ballooning up like a preggo mom after each meal and struggling with heartburns. Yet my doctors and pharmacists would often prescribe me medications that have laxative effects alongside… Thank God for Moom’s Debloat for being the most gentle and effective meds for flatulence!