cramp/less is our 100% natural and effective supplement for pain relief from PMS and menstrual cramps.

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What's in cramp/less?

Cramp Bark
Vitamin B1

Cramp bark is known to relax muscle fibers and ease spasms, including those associated with monthly periods.

Consuming cinnamon can help alleviate menstrual cramping and pain, and may also help to reduce excessive menstrual bleeding, nausea, and vomiting.

Multiple studies have concluded that vitamin B1 is an effective treatment for menstrual cramps, even in severe cases.

In a consumer study conducted by Moom, with over 100 women in Singapore...


felt better during their first cycle using cramp/less


eliminated or halved their use of painkillers when using cramp/less

Customer Reviews

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faith (Kuala Lumpur, MY)

I was scared it wouldn’t work, especially since it’s quite expensive. But! I already noticed a decrease in my cramps during the first cycle I used it.

I used to stay in bed during the first two days of my period but I managed to make it through work :)

sq (Singapore, SG)
relieved my cramps within minutes!!!

I was having really horrible cramps (the type of cramps that leaves me breaking out in cold sweat + wanna throw up + can’t move) so I took 2 of the crampless pills and i felt better within minutes!!!! 🥹 it really works wonders, way more effective than the old panadol menstrual pills so i just ALWAYS keep my crampless pills with me wherever i go for myself + my friends!!

E. (Singapore, SG)
Helps relieve period cramps

I don’t usually get period cramps but when I do, they get quite bad. I tried taking 2 cramp/less pills and it will make me feel better under an hour. Some days I eat up to 4 pills. A great alternative to Panadol.

mhn (Singapore, SG)
Cramp/less supplement

I was skeptical at first. For months i suffered from PMS and period pain every month. I tried taking this 2 days before my period and my PMS symptoms were manageable. On the day of my period, I had cramps but suprisingly it was bearable enough for me to get up to work! I hope this supplement will help me for a longgggg time!

naila (Singapore, SG)
life-changing, never going back to painkillers!

i got a mini bottle of cramp/less to try, and wow these have been an absolute game-changer for me!! i have PCOS, and so my cramps hurt quite badly when they come. ever since i got this, i've been able to manage my cramps and period symptoms including aches in my thighs/lower back. it's seriously phenomenal, and i'm already looking forward to stocking up on these. the minis are awesome for travelling too — such a perfect size! 1 pill usually kills off my pain without the need for panadol, but if the cramps are bad i'll take two and before i know it, they'll be gone. seriously so thankful!!