A holistic healthcare routine would prioritize ‘balance’ as the essential ingredient. In a world where we are constantly occupied by either our professional ambitions or our personal responsibilities, and tons of screen time between the two—resting, and most of all, taking care of ourselves, begins to seem like an impossible task that creates an unhealthy imbalance in our lives.

We’re surrounded by a sea of people—everyone from certified medical experts, to alternative healers, to beauty gurus, and even our mums—who sermonize on the importance and necessity of creating a balance, and yet we feel lost in the process; it has begun to seem daunting and annoying in equal measure.

To tackle this issue, we need to rethink the way in which we imagine taking care of and having control over our health and wellness. While we are used to spending a lot of our time analyzing why we might be stressed, tired, or unwell, it is important to remember that care begins with attention. We need to shift our focus from thinking about our regular health concerns with agitation to realising that this process is in fact, helpful and essential to our wellness. Identifying our core issues—or mindfulness—is the first rung in the ladder.

The simplest way to start remedying what largely remains chronic is by acknowledging that there is an equilibrium that we can achieve by paying attention to what affects us, and then addressing it in ways that are manageable, direct, and uncomplicated—and this can easily be set in motion by starting a daily ritual that is specifically made for you. Any steps that we might take after is just great progress. As we continuously say, wellness doesn’t have to look perfect, it just needs to be possible!

At Moom Health, we work hard at striking the right balance and making it possible for you. Our philosophy and practice is rooted in Ayurveda—a natural system of medicine, derived from the Sanskrit words ‘ayur’ which translates to life, and ‘veda’ which is science or wisdom of ancient traditions and rituals—and backed by rigorous clinical science and research.

As Ayurveda produces extremely positive effects on our health when employed as a complementary element along with conventional medical care, we devise our daily supplement packs by combining recommendations of experts in both medical and alternative medical fields to ultimately create for you—an integrated wellness ritual that isn’t only effective, but also effortless.

At Moom Health, we’ve got you.